Personal security

Mobile Patrol

Every person wants to feel safe when he or she goes to the store, to a concert, or walking in the park. The modern world is surrounded by many threats and crime rates are still very high. All people have certain fears, and they want to save their lives. Now you have FSOguard – a reliable protector and assistant to prevent any danger.

Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the necessary technique, knowledge, and license to protect people against any threat. We follow all Florida laws to do our job and use our protective equipment legally. Our company operates throughout Florida, so you can order a security escort in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Hialeah, St. Petersburg, Cape Coral, Gainesville, Hollywood, and others.

About FSOguard

Our agency guarantees quality services for the protection of people, buildings, various events, public places, and others. We have assembled the best group that has gone through thorough training. You can find many mobile security companies, but not all of them provide you with reliable agents.

Our agency is credible because we train our employees taking into account different emergencies and types of threats. You might be sure that you are under the reliable protection of real experts.

Each group of security guards is supported by the company’s operation center around the clock to know the status of the situation. We provide our customers with the necessary number of armed safeguards, protected vehicles with modern systems, legal equipment, and other elements to identify and prevent emergencies.

Our group also has a set of gadgets for monitoring, inspection, territory analysis, communication with rescue services, and licensed armament. The mobile team attentively prepares for each order, assessing any possible threats to the customer and people around him.

The importance of mobile patrolling

The United States does not have a unified police department, as in many countries around the world. Each type of crime is investigated by different federal agencies and the protection of each town is managed by an internal security system. Each state and major city has its department that has an independent status. Often, the local structure to protect the community may not be enough and people want to hedge themselves with additional maintenance, such as security patrol services.

The public guard is a government institution where officers arrive at a specific location at a certain time. Our company guarantees you an independent group that gives reliable protection and a special level of security. This may be needed by clients who are planning to visit a place or event where static protection is temporary. Our mobile team will come wherever you need to provide additional security, and we monitor the process of their work.

Why are mobile patrol services necessary?

We understand the importance of our security agents for society. A squad of professional safeguards detects and reports on criminal activity and suspicious behavior of persons accompanies the transportation of money and valuable goods.

Also, our officers check any premises to make sure that there are no unauthorized persons who may violate the boundaries of private property or pose a threat to life. Our group protects society from vandalism, burglaries, and other types of disruption to order and security. You can hire an experienced team to accompany executives, VIP clients, celebrities, and various dignitaries.

Each group provides electronic reports on when they visited the location, an overall assessment of the situation, possible types of threats, the number of people, and data on incidents. Our patrolling security is elite class guards who make decisions in various emergencies and respond correctly to protect people. We also guarantee a fleet of vehicles fully equipped with the necessary devices. Professional training is an important part of fully completing a task and preventing possible conflicts and other cases.

The functionality of the mobile patrol 

FSOguard provides several commands that can check multiple locations in one shift. If you need constant security, then the mobile patrol will be with you in the same place. These are qualified men who have received good training and can make smart decisions in case of various threats. Any problem would be solved promptly because our group has all the necessary skills.

The functions of our professional guard and patrol are next:

  • quick response to the alarm system to be activated by the client
  • blocking and unblocking the customer’s location
  • inspection of the place at an unscheduled time
  • removal of unauthorized persons from a private territory
  • protection of personal ownership and property
  • supervision of the customer’s walk, safe transportation home
  • assisting the static coverage squad in an emergency
  • support and supervision as event security guards.

Our security team

If you turned to us for help, then you can be sure that our security is a reliable trained group. We carefully select candidates and teach them. Each employee undergoes specific studying where there are topics not only on protection but also on relationships, psychology, impact, ethics, and more. We use the company’s arsenal that has passed the necessary verification for certification and licensing. The parking of our agency is regularly tested so that all cars would be working and ready for an urgent call.

FSOguard takes into account all customer requirements and responds quickly to any situation. Our armed guards will accompany you at any event and even on a walk around the city at night so that you are not afraid of external threats. Having made an order with us, you receive qualified assistance as soon as possible.

Well-trained and experienced staff

We use special selection criteria and give preference to former military personnel or people with experience in law enforcement. Discipline and the ability to find solutions in difficult situations are basic requirements, but we also provide detailed training on other topics. An experienced group has all the necessary qualities to help prevent problems and protect people.

Rigorous recruitment and selection process

The fundamental requirement for the selection of our agents is the foundation of a reliable team. We apply certain criteria that will help future employees to professionally cope with any task.

Our requirements for becoming part of an elite guard:

  • no criminal record
  • active driving license (certificate of safe driving)
  • resistance to stress physical training (all officers regularly train additionally)
  • willingness to work at different times
  • a responsibility
  • security license
  • a good speech for writing clear reports. 

Our private security patrols follow all Florida rules and laws. We have received a license and certificates for carrying and using weapons that are the property of our agency. State law 790.25 (3) is prohibited from carrying armament openly and our officers know this. We use special equipment to keep our agents armed without breaking the rules.

Security directions

Now you do not need to worry about your safety and the protection of your property. Our team works in different locations to prevent dangerous situations that could threaten the life of the client, his possession, or the surrounding people.

Executive protection serving guarantee reliable support in the following locations:

  • The shops
  • Medical institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping malls
  • Stadiums
  • Concert halls
  • Office buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Parking
  • Educational institutions
  • Business centers. 

FSOguard agents have a bright uniform, branded cars, and distinctive features that will help to prevent a possible crime. Also, booking an armed guard for a certain period is financially beneficial. Companies-clients do not need to hire security in the state; they order such support when needed. In our agency, there are not only armed agents and unarmed security services, we also offer private detectives, surveillance of a specific place or person, and others.

Successful order fulfillment

Our mobile squad carefully examines the place indicated by the client. We are discussing all the conditions so as not to miss the details. Our experts provide preparation on several points where there is a study of possible threats, communication with rescue services, types of elimination of encountered problems. Our safeguards understand that part of the success of the assignment depends on the level of preparation and study of the location. We also assume certain situations so that the group can quickly respond to a possible threat.

Choose real experts when it comes to mobile patrolling

Our company provides armed security to keep you safe. Also, our team will protect your property. You do not need to be afraid of any difficult situations that could threaten your life. Now you have reliable support to ensure your safety. We understand how important it is to take into account all the elements to provide the customer with a high level of protection. You can trust us because our officers are real experts with extensive experience and knowledge.

Leave a request for our patrol to accompany you at the stadium or concert. In a crowd, people can be threatened because the crime rate is high. But if there are experienced security guards nearby, you may enjoy the event and not be afraid of an emergency. Our agents know how to deal with aggressive people, disarm or convince them to refuse to harm. If you are afraid to visit the business center, then call us, our mobile security guard will quickly respond to the urgent call button from the customer.

Duties and responsibilities of the mobile patrol 

If you hired a group for protection, concierge security, or other services, then our agents perform the work very efficiently. Each officer knows his responsibilities and follows company rules and state laws. You don’t have to be afraid for your life, burglary, or robbery – our specialists will remove any problem.

Their areas of work are not only human protection, but also other functions that are very important for ensuring the safety of property and the safety of society:

  • Observation, verification, and patrolling of the area. Our squad monitors the security of the premises and its personnel, checks the entry and exit points of people, and quickly responds to an alarm.
  • Threat prevention. The patrol security guard will try to prevent any violations of law and order and reduce damage. Any inconsistencies would be removed and any violators will be detained. 
  • Traffic control. Experienced safeguards also patrol the streets and monitor traffic. Our group gives instructions to drivers and provides support in the event of an accident. If an emergency is identified, our officers are also responsible for investigating.
  • Detention of the offender. Any intruder is neutralized because our group has permission for such an operation. Also, a prerequisite is a detailed report on the situation and a description of the measures taken by our agent.
  • Anticipate possible dangers. This refers to the proper planning of any patrol. The team of our agency makes an approximate list of possible threats. It follows a plan to eliminate the violation. Mobile patrol of FSOguard is not just waiting for an emergency. Officers are always ready for any turn of the situation. 

Why trust us?

Many people believe us because our security squad is real professionals. Such an elite group takes care of your life and property, prevents any danger, reduces possible risks, and minimizes damage. Each officer undergoes extensive training to be prepared for any dangerous situation on the street, road, building, or public place. Make an order and get reliable security because our escorts mobile agents are a guarantee of security.

Advantages of FSOguard:

  • Quick preparation for any assignment.
  • Responsibility and increased readiness.
  • Reliability and safety.
  • 24/7 support of the observation center.
  • Training of officers according to different standards.
  • Close inspection of several locations.
  • Strict adherence to rules and laws.
  • Security, support, investigation services, and other offers.

Now you do not need to be afraid for your life, valuables, business, employees, cargo, and more. Our company will provide reliable support to keep you safe. We hope that our clients would be calmer if they know that they are protected by an elite team of real experts. Check out our list of services to hire a proven agent for any assignment. We guarantee a quick response to your request and an individual approach, taking into account all requirements.

Personal security

Executive Protection Serving

Personal and family executive protection is predominantly considered to be an indicator of status. But in fact, the grounds for ordering security services are quite real. For example, public people who are constantly in sight need professional support. Certain areas of activity are associated with the risk of external aggression, encroachment on property, life, and the health of protected individuals.

We are FSOguard, a security services firm operating in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, and major cities of Florida. All of our agents and bodyguards hold all licenses and certifications required by the state law, including of course weapon licenses. Most of our executive security team are former law enforcement or military personnel and are regularly trained for qualifications improvement. We operate in full compliance with federal laws and ones of the state.

What is an executive protection service?

Executive protection, including security escort, is a must for people who receive hidden and real threats. Also, bodyguard services are used by clients who, due to their professional activities, civil, social, and public position want to protect their close environment from possible risks. The involvement of personal protection allows you to significantly reduce the likelihood of threats, emergencies, aggravation of situations with harassment and intimidation.

The implementation of security measures by professional specialists will make your and your family’s life calmer while maintaining the usual behavior patterns of each of the members. When it comes to your safety and the safety of your family members, you can fully entrust the execution to FSOguard, who provides armed security as well as unarmed security services.

When do you need the executive protection services?

The executive protection services may be needed in a fairly wide range of cases and situations.

Contact FSOguard for protection if something from the list below is about you:

  • Businessmen. Due to the fierce competition in the business world, entrepreneurs are at increased risk of attack.
  • State and public figures, such as human rights activists, who because of their civic position arouse the anger of extremals or are objectionable to opposing political forces.
  • Guests and contractors arriving from abroad or from within the country for the purpose of negotiations or other relations with a private host (usually in business).
  • People who receive threats or are stalked for whatever reason, and people who are at risk of kidnapping.
  • Celebrities. Enemies and mentally unhealthy people hate them so much that they want to kill, and fans adore them so much that they are ready to tear them to pieces.
  • Family members and beloved ones of all of the above for relevant reasons.

For all these occasions, FSOguard can provide a full range of security services, including not only the executive protection but also other security guard services in Miami and other major cities of Florida.

Family members are under protection as well

At FSOguard, we tailor the format of personal protection to your needs and the specifics of a particular situation. This is why family protection is one of the most often components of executive protection people custom from us.

Besides everyday situations, professional agents of FSOguard provide escort for adults and children in particular at event security. Night shift escorts are also available. Thus, the protected individuals are under guardianship at home, at work, at school, and during rest. You can select and combine the optimal format individually.

Effective security measures are designed with child psychology in mind and implemented using different schemes. The most common is when one or more specialists accompany the whole family, and when one bodyguard escorts the adults, the other the children.

Specialists of a private security company build routes for movements, take measures to reduce the risk of emergency situations, monitor family members’ surveillance (detect audio and video recording devices), etc.

Beyond your own safety family protection serves another important purpose. It provides you psychological comfort. Don’t you want to be sure of safety not only of yours but also of your beloved ones? Working with FSOguard and their top-notch agents meets this need.

Our tasks and executive protection responsibilities

The main task of our executive protection is, of course, to ensure the safety of yours or the protected individuals you care about, regardless of what kind of danger may threaten him – a deliberate attempt or force majeure.

To accomplish this task, FSOguard executive protection fulfills the following duties:

  • Organize and carry out the protection of the individuals. Of course, this is a key duty, without which the work of personal executive protection would be meaningless.
  • Provide security escort of the guarded individual during his movements. Everything is clear here – what would be the use of a guard sitting in an office.
  • Check the safety of the routes along which the protected individual moves. Moreover, these routes should be changed as often as possible.
  • Check individuals with access to the object of protection. Here we apply investigation services methods.
  • Restrict access to the protected individual, if necessary.
  • Observe the situation in the places of stay of the protected individual. Constant observation will allow the guards to notice changes in this situation in time. Each such change must be considered as a threat to the security of the client.
  • Detect and block places (both along the routes of travel and in places of stay) that may be suitable for an assassination attempt.

Correctly organized and strict implementation of these duties can significantly reduce the risk of dangerous situations and, consequently, attempts on the protected individual. Since, as a rule, the individual leads a socially active lifestyle and is involved in business processes, executive protection works best when combined with a mobile patrol.

Qualities and abilities of the FSOguard executive agent

A professional agent is required to make quick decisions in non-standard conditions. When you’re in a dangerous situation, a qualified security guard must neutralize the intruder, take you out of the high-risk zone, and coordinate with the emergency services.

The agent faces difficult and non-standard tasks. For carrying out his duties, a specialist must be able to find a common language with each family member of the security services customer. For this, an employee of the FSOguard undergoes special training.

A family protection agent is more than just a performer. In the working process, he continuously improves the skills of planning security measures, analyzing their effectiveness, and correcting the applied schemes. The personal qualities, experience, and professional competence of a specialist are of particular importance.

Be sure that each of our highly qualified executive protection agent:

  • has strong intuition and analytical thinking;
  • knows how to make decisions quickly and to act independently;
  • takes responsibility for the situation;
  • has a quick reaction (without this, operational control of the environment is impossible);
  • has sufficient physical resources to perform night shifts escort;
  • guarantees non-disclosure of confidential information;
  • is disciplined, has developed communication skills.
  • can perform a wide range of security activities, for example, concierge security or security patrol.

Licensed weapons and military equipage

The arsenal of an executive protection agent includes weapons (usually rifled firearms and cold ones), personal protective equipment, a basic first-aid kit, tools for solving special tasks (from a multitool to a flashlight). Also, our employees use various means of communication to coordinate actions with other personal guards, a rapid response team, and emergency services.

It is very important to understand that the priority task of a professional, whether acting individually or in a team, is not to use weapons, but to prevent the escalation of a potentially dangerous situation, to prevent even its onset. When it comes to professional qualifications, keep in mind that а perfect job is done when one hasn’t had to use a weapon; and the agents of FSOguard are perfectly able to act in exactly this way.

As for the uniform, different options are possible here. Security guards often work in business suits. At your request, a military and plain-clothes style can be chosen. This is especially true when escorting children who do not always accept annoying, pronounced control. Or when you want to take a break from the feeling of being constantly monitored and want the guards to “blend in”.

The choice of uniform also depends on whether it is necessary to emphasize being the individual under protection, or, on the contrary, to hide the fact.

What we offer

As a rule, clients choose executive protection services based on their personal needs or specifics of their activity.

In FSOguard you can order the following types of personal protection for you and your loved ones:

  • Personal security guard. Close protection and constant security escort of the protected individual. You can also hire a bodyguard for an hour, day, etc.
  • Security driver. Selects the best travel routes. Ensures the safety of the client in the car while driving.
  • VIP security. Bodyguards of personable appearance, can live on the client’s territory, adjust to his schedule. The duties of the VIP guard often include protection from paparazzi.
  • Children custody. Permanent or temporary provision of child protection. Effective safety measures are designed with child psychology in mind.
  • Security escort of VIP-persons. Providing protection for the client during the transaction, negotiations, at public events, etc.
  • Protective surveillance. If you don’t want an executive agent to watch your every step, we offer security surveillance services. This is a lower profile method used to ensure the protection of customers who want to maintain their privacy, while still having confidence in safety should a situation arise.

Besides the executive protection services listed above, we offer a wide range of services from concierge security to event security. We will be glad to acquaint you with our full list of security services in Miami.

Professional team for your safety

Our undeniable advantages are the careful selection and training system for guards. We only hire security guards with experience in law enforcement and military structures.

Still, before becoming your guard, the candidate goes through the following selection stages:

  • Checking for compliance with external data requirements of our company (height, weight, age, etc.).
  • Testing physical abilities, passing the minimum standards.
  • Assessment of stress resistance.
  • Analysis of knowledge and intellectual abilities.
  • Internship and training as part of active security groups.

Only guards who have passed such a strict selection are allowed to work with you and your dears.

Other reasons to work with us

  • We are licensed and insured.
  • We provide services throughout Florida, 
  • Professional security guards are fully responsible for the safety of the client.
  • The whole range of services is available for you: investigation services, armed security, event security, concierge security, night shift escorts.
  • High professionalism of security guards. At FSOguard we pay special attention to personnel selection and training. All guards are regularly checked.
  • Integrated approach application to ensure security: stationary posts, checkpoints, video surveillance systems, burglar, and fire alarms.

Our goal is your safety

As you can see, ensuring personal safety is a complex process that implies the well-coordinated work of an experienced and well-trained group of specialists. The life of the people we protect depends on our professional qualities, ability to work in a team, and timely and correct decisions.

The security company FSOguard considers its main task to provide customers with the highest level of service all over Florida. The main criteria for assessing professionalism for FSOguard are the opinions of absolutely all clients and competitors. If you want to know the prices or have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Personal security

Concierge Security

The world has not become more secure in the twenty-first century. The number of terrorist attacks and kidnappings is growing. Wealthy people are the most common targets for aggression and other concerns. They need round-the-clock security, which is not a luxury, but the reality of our time. Comprehensive measures to protect our customers include escorting VIPs, protecting condominiums, and ensuring security during public events.

Our security guard company in Miami and other Florida-based locations provides client life, health, and property protection services. Our agents belong to a special breed of professionals who combine hospitality and a customer-centric approach with the reliable protection of the consumer’s living space. With us, you and your family are completely safe.

What are the responsibilities of our guardians?

By using the FSOguard, you obtain personal associates who perform the tasks assigned to them. Currently, a concierge performs many important missions. These services allow you to remove unnecessary responsibilities, as well as increase the feeling of security. We offer an effective tool for managing current processes and reliable safekeeping of property. The duties of our staff include routine operations and special functions.

During routine duties, our employee records the presence and movement of strangers in the protected area or the client’s movement space. Any suspicious actions fall into his field of vision, after which a quick and adequate decision is made.

All of our protection agents have military and police experience. They are specially trained to recognize, assess, and neutralize potential hazards. FSOguard concierges are professional, discreet, and able to handle a situation before it escalates into a serious problem. We recruit people with an active lifestyle who can make additional efforts to master new objectives.

Our agents are attentive to detail and can quickly switch between tasks. The responsibility of protecting people and objects from any risk and danger is combined with impeccable manners, courtesy, and readiness for non-standard solutions.

FSOguard concierge security benefits

Giving away some duties allows you to feel comfortable at work, pursue private passions, spend more time with friends and kids. Changing the rhythm of life will improve health and time for self-fulfillment in a private sphere, without the overload of responsibilities taken home from work, which also overwhelm loved ones, family, and friends. Removing the excess duties off the shoulders is what almost every businessman nowadays needs.

Clients choose a concierge security based on their personal needs and the specifics of the activity.

FSOguard benefits include:

  • ensuring the safety of the client, his family, and property
  • VIP escort of Miami guests at public events and in crowded places
  • high-quality solutions in the field of security, investigations, training, and customer advice
  • ensuring the safety of condominiums, schools, churches, and other social institutions
  • preventing a hazard before it occurs

There are no tasks beyond our control. We value each client and are ready to adapt to the individual needs of each of them. Our team has a complete set of modern technological solutions, multiplied by the rich experience of agents.

Concierge security at the airport

Florida is a famous holiday destination. Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world arrive in this state every day. Despite the peninsula’s maritime location, many guests come here by air. Meeting and guarding VIP clients at the airport is also the competence of the company. The FSOguard team knows how to provide security in crowded places and conditions of high human traffic.

We will provide you with a security escort with work experience, personal transport (if necessary), and the following skills:

  • communication in several languages
  • friendliness and pleasant appearance
  • orientation in complex airport infrastructure
  • valid FL Driver Licenses
  • recognition and elimination of any danger for the client with minimal losses
  • effective fighting techniques to prevent an attack on the client
  • awareness of natural hazards and critical circumstances
  • readiness for non-standard solutions
  • protection against multiple aggressors
  • preventing kidnapping attempts
  • knowledge of the city to choose a safe route (taking into account the wishes of the client)

The day before leaving, you will receive information about the return transfer to the airport. On the day of departure, at the appointed time, a member of our armed security services will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. He will accompany you from the hotel to passport control, help you with your luggage, and check-in for your flight.

Private accompanying persons for a guest in Miami

Guests from all over the world arrive on the sunny coast of Florida. They want to have a fun vacation with their family or friends. The government of the sunny state can ensure the overall safety of its tourists, but no one is immune from thieves, roughnecks, and non-standard situations. FSOguard concierge security combines assistance to the client in solving routine issues and ensuring the highest level of security.

We value your privacy, comfort, and safety. Our agents are loyal, quiet, and attentive. They keep insight not only for you but also for all those who are nearby, following the general picture of what is happening. We have developed an effective hazard prevention system. Concierge security is responsible for carefully developing a safe route. The main task of this employee is to provide guests with all kinds of assistance in solving their everyday problems.

Functions and duties

FSOguard concierge security protects not only the life and safety of its clients. We highly value the trust placed in us and respect your privacy. The agents use the latest security systems and can quickly change tactics to provide more visible and reliable protection and minimize any risk. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of transport and personal protection. They all come from the military or law enforcement industry and have extensive experience in intelligence, information security, risk analysis, and personal protection.

These qualities, combined with our world-leading technology, place us among the top private security companies in Florida. We are ready to become your alter ego in matters that require vigilance, decency, and reliability.

You can instruct our concierge guard to:

  • accompany children to school
  • guard your wife and other family members while shopping, attending religious and other events
  • check the room before the client enters
  • reserve a table in a restaurant
  • meet and escort a business partner
  • buy tickets and so on.

There are no secondary and insignificant matters for us. You can be sure that we are doing our duty by creating a safe space around you and your loved ones.

Concierge security for celebrities and VIP persons

There is a definite difference between escorting celebrities and VIPs. A famous person takes care of his/her reputation, during contact with numerous fans. A highly-trained security guard who is responsible for the life and safety of a celebrity must be able to navigate the difficult circumstances of public life, find quick solutions, and not create new problems. The friendly face and good manners of the security concierge should complement the inner composure and ability to control the situation.

Non-public people are primarily concerned with safety during flights, travel, and attending social events. They are interested in strictly following the instructions and eliminating any contingencies. However, ensuring the safety of a businessman is associated with much greater risks.

The assassination attempt on a VIP person is carefully prepared and carried out by professionals. That is why the mobile patrol for our successful clients should consist of professionals with extensive experience.

VIP escort

FSO guard’s clients include politicians, businessmen, famous actors, and other celebrities. We understand the specifics of the requirements for each type of event security. For you, we will provide an agent who will make your life more pleasant and safe.

By contacting our team of professionals you will receive:

  • 100% guarantee of customer safety and comfort;
  • full responsibility for the life and health of the protected VIP person;
  • the agent’s readiness to independently solve any problems;
  • development of an individual plan for cooperation with a client;
  • organization of safe conditions for the stay of a VIP person;
  • thorough detailed preparation for any event;
  • multifunctionality of our agents: security guard, driver, concierge, translator, negotiator, etc.

The Security Patrol Service is ready to perform a wide range of tasks – protecting the place where the client is staying, ensuring the safety of his/her children and relatives, as well as protecting personal vehicles and material values.

Our clients have their weaknesses and whims. The desire to plunge into the Miami nightlife is quite justified. Unexpected encounters and adventures happen in restaurants and nightclubs. Sometimes it ends tragically. We specialize in escorting customers to entertainment venues, discreetly eliminating any security threats. Chat with friends and enjoy life to the fullest, while our agents guard your peace.

Condominium security

A modern alarm system, intercom, and video surveillance cannot replace a human who provides comprehensive protection for residents and their property. Concierge security in apartment buildings adapts to the unique conditions of each community. The security officer should not interfere with the normal course of life, but he is obliged to respond to any violations of the usual order of things.

Access control

Florida is the richest state in America. It is for this reason that a large number of those who want to profit at someone else’s expense are concentrated here. The ability to recognize a suspicious person, remember his/her signs, and take precautions distinguishes a professional from an ordinary concierge.

FSO guard carefully develops procedures for the entry of residents, guests, and visitors into the building. The corporate client (community board) or homeowner must provide us with a clear plan for interacting with people entering and leaving. We are ready to adapt to different rules and levels of access that prevent casual and suspicious people from getting inside.


The list of non-standard situations is long and varied. What an ordinary security guard cannot cope with is quite successfully solved by an experienced and trained unarmed security agent.

These solutions include:

  • emergency medical care;
  • adequate actions in the event of an alarm, fire, flood, and conflict between residents;
  • check of engineering communications and self-elimination of minor problems;
  • rescue of residents and guests in case of emergency and natural disasters;
  • detention and neutralization of intruders;
  • suppression of panic;
  • a prompt response to explosives, the use of firearms and bladed weapons;
  • informing emergency services, police, and other authorities about an emergency.

Reliable management of your security

FSOguard consists of proven specialists with extensive experience in protecting clients in different situations. We will provide you with erudite, technically competent, and friendly agents in good physical shape. You can order a concierge security for time-to-time escorts or long-term cooperation. We are ready to provide comprehensive protection for life, health, and property. Our company’s concierge service is an integrated approach to the client’s security issue. We will become your guardian angel, protecting your peace and sleep around the clock.

If you live, work or find yourself in Boca Raton, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Orange City, Sanford, Homestead, Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Kendall, or West Palm Beach, our team can help you. We ensure the highest level of security and property protection. To learn more about cooperation with us, contact us by phone or by email specified in the contact section. You are safe with us.

Personal security

Armed Security

In the modern world, each of us wants to feel safe. People would like to make sure that our life is not threatened at home, work, or other events. We try to use the usual precautions, but we want to protect our lives. Our company will keep you safe because FSOguard provides a reliable way for security. Our agency has a professional team and high-quality equipment that meets modern standards and Florida state law.

About FSOguard

Our goal is to provide you with reliable agents who will carry out quality work to protect a group of people, a building, or an event. We also have other areas such as private investigation, hospital security, remote monitoring, and more. All our customers can be sure that they will receive reliable and qualified guards with specialized skills, legal equipment, licenses, and extensive experience.

They try to prevent the threat and resolve any dangerous situation. We closely monitor each group to know the state of affairs and the status of the situation. If you need mobile patrol or another service, now you can get it at an affordable price.

Protect you and your business

Today’s environment suggests that any building or public event may be the target of terrorists and other potential criminals. There is no room for error, so our team will provide you with reliable protection. Our services are created to ensure that your safety is no longer at risk. You could be sure that you need a trusted security company to secure you, your family, business, event, guests, VIPs, or building. Such a unique task must be performed by real professionals and now you can find them in our armed security company.

The experienced team undergoes an annual check for carrying weapons to document its correct and safe use. All equipment is licensed and certified, this is the property of the company. We give our clients the best possible quality of maintenance because we know the difference between a simple security guard and a “warm-body” specialist. Our agency will provide the best level of protection because our officers have a high level of professionalism.

Armed security: service directions

Our clients are people of different social status: from businessmen and celebrities to ordinary individuals who want to protect their lives. The areas of work of our security are almost unlimited.

The list of the highly-demandable ones is presented below:

  • exhibitions
  • building protection
  • personal accompaniment
  • concerts
  • film presentations
  • school activities
  • festivals
  • trading platforms
  • jewelry exhibitions
  • private collections
  • parties
  • protection of residential, special-occasion, and commercial premises, etc. 

Our group works not only for large businesses but also for small private orders. You can make any event unforgettable for you and we will take care of the maximum safety for you, your guests, and loved ones. Our company is one of the best because we conduct a clear selection of each employee for private armed security. All our guards are trained men with legal equipment and special skills.

If you made an order, our team will go to the place to find out the situation. This is important for detailed planning of subsequent work to provide the client with maximum security. Our agents take into account all the factors that can be useful in helping people. We also use various techniques for checking and inspection. Tell us your requirements, and we can build a clearer plan of action.

Our security team

If you come to FSOguard, you will receive quality service with careful preparation and study of all details. We only offer qualified personnel who have undergone specific training. Our goal is to give you more security guarantees, so our group will provide reliable assistance in any situation. Each client’s order is executed in several stages, and we pay special attention to preparing.

We provide services throughout Florida (Miami, Miramar, Jacksonville, Pembroke Pines, Orlando, Clearwater, Coral Springs, Tallahassee, and others). Our team quickly prepares for each order and provides fast responses to emergency situations.

Well-trained and experienced staff

There are certain requirements for their selection and approval for the position of the professional guard. All employees undergo the necessary training on various topics, so we send only the best agents to our clients. Our company has introduced many disciplines for training so that our experts know not only the combat techniques and weapon skills but also can affect a person and prevent a critical situation.

We train our security personnel, license, and comply with Florida law. We know that according to law 790.001 (9) the carrying and use of firearms (except machine guns), a knife, an electronic weapon, a tear gas pistol, and a billy is permitted. Our agents follow these rules and are licensed for 7 years. Our armed guards are reliable so you will be satisfied with their work.

All candidates undergo extensive training that includes a course on:

  • the lawful use of force
  • the use and possession of firearms
  • rules of conduct in an emergency, and more. 

If you need executive protection serving or another type of defense, please contact our managers. All our security guards go through the necessary documentation to protect the interests of the customer and reduce risks. Employees of our agency undergo regular refresher courses and training to keep them in shape. We will prove that the team of FSOguard is not just armed security, but professionals who can solve any dangerous situation in a legal, safe, and ethical way.

Preventive and safety measures

All armed officers pass certain regulations. Even if clients need concierge security, they will want to hire real experts. Our group studies different types of situations to be ready to respond quickly. We understand how important it is to protect the life and property of the customer, so we attentively train our personnel.

Our specialists have chosen an advanced training method so that the armed security guard could learn more useful information and acquire various skills:

  • patrolling methods
  • information about terrorism
  • maintenance and care of firearms
  • crime prevention
  • extinguishing a fire
  • civil responsibility
  • the lawful use of force
  • prevention of accidents
  • ways of communication and influence. 

Legal weapon and military equipage

Our agency provides prof guards with reliable equipment so that they can clearly carry out their duties for security patrol services. We carefully study current rules to ensure that our armed team, their skills, and equipment are consistent with law enforcement officials. By studying the services of other armed security companies, we equip our specialists with the most modern tools: uniforms, smartphones with special applications for reporting, gathering evidence/information for contacting the company and customers.

We will be happy to protect you so we have assembled a team of prof experts who do their job responsibly and attentively. If you need event security guards or another type of protection, leave an online request or call us. We value your time, life, and property, so we will use different ways to protect it.

Prof preparation

FSOguard conducts a preliminary conversation with the client to find out the specifics of his wishes. Safety is the most important thing, but this requires precise planning of the task. This can be personal or business protection, but such a procedure needs scrupulous preparation. You indicate the place and our group examines all the details of the premises, entrances/exits, the area of ​​space, the likely types of threats, and the possibility of their elimination. We will not miss a single element because we take into account any points such as weather conditions, lighting, sunset time, and wind direction. Any item might be important to protect a person or to keep the building’s visitors safe.

Strategy for the best defense

For the safety of the client, we have divided our planning into specific categories. It is important to pay attention to all the details. We take into account different factors and collect more information about the type of event, location, people, rescue services, evacuation exits, and other aspects that will help protect people. 

  • Our protection team will find all contacts with rescue services (firefighters, police, ambulance). Such agencies can be critical for dealing with an emergency. The armed staff for personal safety and other investigation services will always know where to call to help people in a difficult situation effectively and in an organized way. 
  • The prof team will inspect the place and premises to control access. Where people enter and exit a building or how they go to events. This area must have reliable protection in case of unforeseen circumstances. Some categories of citizens may pose a threat to others, therefore, our guard will take preventive measures to make the area of people’s ​passage for more protection. We add equipment and improve the checkpoint. 
  • Studying crowd behavior is also very important for its management capabilities. We don’t know all the information about each person, but our guard studies models of human behavior. They can look closely at the crowd to identify more insecure, irritable, and aggressive people. Also, clusters can be a threat if there is a leader there. A potential criminal might be one and become a problem for a building or event. 
  • Our experts use communication and influence techniques to calm and disarm the criminal. Nearly all armed security services use a wide variety of equipment to closely monitor an event or building. This is not only the control and inspection of people but also a general survey technique to detect theft or prevent a threat. We use modern gadgets for communication and control (walkie-talkies, smartphones, TVs, scanners, and more). 

How to protect your life and business? 

If you are planning to attend an important event but are afraid for your life, then call us. Our company also organizes a group of security guards for clubs, parties, exhibitions, or private gatherings. FSOguard will protect you and your guests. You can hire an armed guard for a specific person to protect him while walking or attending a specific event. We discuss all the details to ensure maximum reliability. Now you know that our armed security Miami company will help you in any situation. Our clients are not only different groups, people, buildings, and event organizations, they are also international celebrities. Any customer is surrounded by special attention.

Your business also needs to be safe, especially if it is a building with a lot of people. You need to think carefully about protecting all employees and visitors. Unfortunately, the issue of terrorism still exists and almost all businessmen want to protect their buildings and staff. Our team of security guards will bring the necessary equipment to carefully examine each visitor. Don’t let your business be in jeopardy if you overlook the importance of safety.

Why particularly us?

FSOguard provides reliable security guards that have undergone a clear selection and specialized training. We value our agents, so we want to give them the best knowledge and skills so that they can do their job well. A rigorous selection process is one of our hallmarks as a trusted agency for the provision of private and large-scale protection services. Our electoral commission prioritizes candidates with military or law enforcement experience.

You can trust our company because:

  • we give you real professionals with skills in various fields;
  • armed guard or unarmed security services do everything possible for your safety;
  • modern licensed equipment complies with the laws of the state of Florida;
  • quick preparation for any order (planning, selection of personnel and technique, an inspection of the premises);
  • any emergency is effectively resolved;
  • round-the-clock contact with the client;
  • a solution of any conflict situations on the spot;
  • an individual approach to any requirements for the protection of people, buildings, or events; affordable prices for services considering the importance and life protection. 

Trust us with your safety, and we protect you and your business from any threats. Hire armed security for any event to ensure the safety of your visitors. Our agents will help you resolve any conflict and save your life.